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Dear Rachel:

The makeup that I am looking at in mineral make-up, which I think that is the same thing. I found the original line. It is made for those that suffer from a certain skin condition and made for People with allergies like myself. I got the eye drops that you told me about, it helps a little bit but I still cannot wear regular make-up. I would like to thank you for teaching me so much during our session. It was great and I am telling everyone that I see.

Thank You,

Hi Rachel,

The kids club classes were so very beneficial for Katibeth. Her confidence level had really risen and she began to be aware of her surroundings and use her manners accordingly. When she had a violin recital, about 2 months ago, she asked if it was in the morning or the afternoon-thought that was a little odd. She was the youngest to perform and had followed several older students. When it was her turn, she approached the stage and greeted the audience articulately and appropriately, "Good afternoon ladies...., introduced herself and played. This was not prompted by anyone and none of the other students had spoken at all. If she hadn't had training from you, she would not have done that.

Thank You,

Mrs. Louise,

Thank you so much for keeping me updated on everything happening at Millie Lewis. We would also like to thank you for helping us change our comp card on such short notice. Also, everyone's hard work was greatly appreciated in helping us get ready for AMTC this past July.

Thanks again,
Elizabeth Harrison

Hi Ms. Suzanne,

Thanks for helping me with AMTC. I had a great time and 3 callbacks.


Thank you sooo much Miss Suzanne for helping me make the right decisions and encouraging me during convention.

Courtney Richardson

Dear Mrs. Green and staff,

Once again, AMTC was exciting! Thank you for the opportunity to pursue my career of modeling. When I sign my million dollars contract we all will celebrate in "style" and one day I will give a little girl or boy an opportunity to attend AMTC. I love all you in a very special way.

Randi and "Bessie"

Dear Suzanne, Helen, Dale, Louise, and Bleu,

I want to thank you all for all your support and kindness during training and the week of convention, especially! You always made me feel very confident and good about myself, and I am extremely grateful for that. I had such a wonderful time and this definetly solidified for me how much I want to pursue acting and modeling further. I would love to go through the training and convention again because I know I can do better and learned so much from this past convention. If there is anything you could do to help me go again I would truly appreciate it, and would love to talk with you further about this.
Again, thank you all for everything you did and all your hard work!!

Joanna Rhodes

Dear Millie Lewis Staff,

My family and I enjoyed the Fl. AMTC. We got to attend 16 seminars between us and we recorded them, so I can always listen to them. Even though I didn't get any callbacks or awards, the experience of training and attending AMTC was exciting and one of the most learning times I've gotten in this fascinating career, I want to pursue it!!

Dear Suzanne,

As you can see, Ashley has been accepted as a contestant in the Miss S.C. Teen USA Pageant. So, THANK YOU! She is so excited!
Thank you for everything ya'll have done for Ashley. Due to what she learned and the confidence she gained from her training at Millie Lewis; she has had many opportunities and experience she may not have had otherwise.
We will be calling ya'll soon, because Ashley could use a little brush-up on her runway skills. She really wants to model again, so we plan to have new comp cards done soon. Whether you participate with sponsorship or not, we all appreciate eveything Millie Lewis has done.

Thanks again,
Smiley Causey

Hi there, writing from New York. Austin is doing very well. He just completed a segment for an MTV children's show;however, he had to say a few things like jerk and stupid, which I decided wasn't appropriate at this time, but it was fun I have to admit.
He was selected to be the Georgia Pacific Napkins boy so he will be on 100,000 national grocery stores Brawny, Mardi Gras, and Scott paper towel and napkins. When we get a copy, we are definetly going to share it with you all because it was soooo much fun to do.
He also completed 2 Kraft commercials, American Airlines commercial, K-Mart commercial, Jeep/Chrysler advertisement, lots of print work, and his favorite the best Foods and Georgia Pacific print ads. Oh, he did a feature for a law firm that will be internationally for 2 years.
He's not famous yet, but he's loving New York. We are all having a great time up here and are just enjoying Austen having fun. He went to the Empire State Building today and got to see the Statue of Liberty so he's in hog heaven.
Well, just wanted to stay in touch with Austin's career which you helped start!
Tell Cindy Austen says hello and he misses her.
Beverlie Holcomb

Hi Mrs. Arban!

I feel the need to express my opinions somewhere and I am hoping that you can place this letter/post in a place online where people can read it when they are doing "google" searches to find out about MLAMTC conventions.

My child was selected in August to participate. She is cute and funny (along with thousands of other kids in the world). I was told by our director's assistant in Charleston that she "has what it takes". I was already skeptical about this modeling/acting stuff anyway.

She was not pressured to do this at all: as a matter of fact, I had to decide on my own without any influence from our director's agency, which proved to be a tough and thoughtful decision making process. We were offered other options if we couldn't or didn't want to afford to attend AMTC. The other options would have been great classes at the agency. After speaking to my husband, we decided to go ahead with the competition training. We did NOT have to give a lot of money up front. We were also able to make payments on our schedule. It turned out that the money was there for us right at that moment in time because we sold something that cost almost the exact amount that we needed to enter the convention! We believe God wanted her to do this, especially after looking back at the whole process!

Each Saturday for 5 months, we trained for at least 2 hours; sometimes more. Bleu Roberts, the coach, was wonderful. He worked with the kids and made them feel comfortable with their stage presence. He even readied kids that I just knew would not be able to participate! He kept telling us...they WILL be ready when competitions begin. HE was right!

The money we paid to enter paid for Composite Cards, photo shoots (which usually run $75 - $100 per outfit or shoot scene) I think we got 5 outfits and shoot scenes! It also paid for all of the Saturday trainings, which taught my daughter so much! There just can't be a price attached to learning how to speak well and building confidence in my child! We had unlimited access to help from the office staff who were usually available and ready to answer any questions without making me feel dumb! It paid for wardrobe advice from a prestigious wardrobe and personal shopper/make up & hair specialist. It also included tickets to a wonderful awards banquet, a dance, and great seminars.

We still held on to a little skepticism until we came to the actual event itself. We wondered if it would be a farce, possibly a rip off. BOY WERE WE SURPRISED!

THE AMTC Convention was a class convention! Everything was as described, if not better. The agents were in attendance all over the place. Not unknown agents, but well-known agents from LA, NY, ATLANTA, even Canada! The competition was fierce! There are so many talented children and men and women in this country! The seminars were invaluable! They were choked full of important and pertinent advice for kids, adults, and plus size models, actors, dancers and singers. All for the betterment of each participant. There was no extra charge for anything unless you wanted to add people to observe your child and they were always welcome to pay and attend the seminars and competitions!

The swimsuit for children segment worried me until we got to convention. It was very tasteful, very cute -- complete with cute music and great staff members to keep up with the kids and make sure they were safe and knew what to do. The young models and actors are discouraged from wearing makeup and looking too much older than their years.

I have to say, for the teens and adults, morals and values are important and encouraged. We found this out at the orientation (required for all participants and observers). Mrs. Arban and Mr. Lewis run a competition full of integrity and style! The women are strongly encouraged to dress appropriately and conservatively. They are taught how to be beautiful without being tasteless.

When I think of words to describe the convention, I think of "World Class" "integrity" "Family" "Morality" "Fun!" "Aesthetic Beauty" "Worthy"

AMTC supplied my child with so much experience and knowledge that it far outweighed the price we paid to participate. We had such an awesome time there and met so many great people. I can't wait until next winter, we WILL do this again!

Lynne Strickland - Summerville SC (parent/observer)

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